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Wearing your Instant Nails 

How long will my nails last? 

Claw Clique Glue: When applied correctly using Claw Clique nail glue, your nails can stay on for up to two weeks. Wear time will vary depending on your application method, process and how you wear them. 

Nail Stickers: Using adhesive sticker tabs provided by Claw Clique can last up to two days. This method is perfect for shorter application duration, allowing your nails to go back to normal prior to application. 

When applied correctly, Claw Clique nails should stay on for their maximum wear, this is dependent on your lifestyle. How you wear them and the application technique you use will effect the amount of time that the nails will stay on. 

Can I shower or get the nails wet? 

Taking a shower or bath is fine, provided your nails have been applied using Claw Clique glue - which is the strongest nail adhesive option. 

How do I remove Claw Clique nails? 

If you have applied the instant nails using the glue supplied we recommend waiting 5 days before attempting to remove your nails. 

To remove the instant nail soak them in a small ceramic or glass bowl filled with acetone - based nail polish remover. Soak until the nail breaks down and you are able to effortless remove the nail or possibly fall off on their own. Clean the area with water and dry. 

Can I reuse my Claw Clique nails? 

Nails can be damaged from general wear and tear or during the removal process. Depending on how you wear them it can be difficult to reuse them. 

To extent the life of your nails try your best to take good care of them while wearing them and carefully removing the nails, and stored dust free and clean. 

Built up of glue can be removed with a filer. 

How do I know my nail size? 

Claw Clique nails is packed with 24 nails in 12 different sizes, as well as customisations to shorten or slim the nail with a filer to fit your nail bed best. 

Why did my nails fall off on the first day? 

Natural oils or even application process can effect the longevity of the nail. Nail application requires a careful application and preparation process. By following the instructions carefully this will ensure longer wearing nails. 

Buffer your natural nail bed and wipe with cleansing pad provided in the kit, ensuring you don't touch the natural nail with your finger after these steps. 

Apply glue to your natural nail bed and place instant nail as close to your cuticle and hold for up to 10 seconds. 

I got glue on my fingers - what should I do? 

If you get glue on your finger, wait for it dry. It can then be removed using acetone and a cotton round our tip. Ensure you avoid getting acetone on your instant nail as it can affect the surfaces design and wear time. 

Best to use a q-tip (cotton tip/bud) with acetone and apply to area where there is glue on your finger. You can then remove the excess effortlessly.